Tuesday, 12 August 2014


image taken by me and Golightly 

I'm so excited say that Adelaide now has an Agent Provocateur store. When it comes to undergarments I'm usually one who opts for comfort instead of style, reaching for the bonds three pack before anything else. However, I think there is definitely something to say for the French philosophy of wearing gorgeous, sexy matching sets under everyday clothes. It makes you stand up that little bit straighter and gives you an extra air of confidence. I don't know if I'll ever be one of those girls who will wear their fancies every day, but for a special occasion, Agent Provocateur (next to the new David Jones shoe department) is the first place I will be going to pick up something special.

If you haven't ever had the chance to check out Agent Provocateur lingerie in person I definitely recommend it. The detail and fabrics used in their pieces are just too gorgeous to go past! 

- Caity x

Monday, 11 August 2014


Photographer: Michael Naumoff
Models: Elle Brittain / Courtney Mitchell
Stylist: Hayley Bonham
H&M: Charlie Kielty

Introducing Sarah & Sebastian's new collection Blume. I'm obsessed. This gorgeous collection is inspired by a blossom, its fragrance and adornment, the Blume collection explores the character of the Jasmine Flower. Cultivated as cut flowers, the Jasmine is beautifully strung into ornamental chains. Intricate woven arrangements combine blossoms of all sizes and elaborate garlands have a weighty appearance, like knotted rope. Blume encapsulates the simple elegance of the blossom.

The Jasmine Flower is associated with love, modesty & elegance.

I'm a big fan of thin, understated jewellery, especially with Sarah and Sebastian jewellery where you can see the exceptional and gorgeous detail put into every piece.


- Caity x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


My chia-oats with a view of Rundle Street

I've had a lot of people ask me about my morning breaky jar, so I thought I would share it with you all. My Overnight Chia-Oats Jar is the perfect breakfast for those of us who are always on the go. I love getting my workout done before work (otherwise I get too tired after work and end up bailing) and having a breakfast that has already been prepared is exactly what you need.

1/3 cup of rolled oats
1 tbs of chia seeds
2/3 almond milk (I love using Clean Body Clear Mind Almond Milk)
put into a jar or bowl and leave overnight!

I always crave banana after a workout, especially a gruelling morning bootcamp session at Fresh Fitness, so lately I've been topping my oats with banana, Loving Earth Buckinis and cacao nibs! Other days I love adding fresh berries; the great thing about these oats is that you can add whatever flavours you want to it.

Other variations that I've made have been a vanilla version, adding a scoop of vanilla protein power, and a chocolate version where I add a scoop of chocolate protein power and a teaspoon of cacao power.


- Caity x

Monday, 14 July 2014


images via fashion gone rogue, frassy, lucy laucht, song of style, oracle fox, see want shop, vogue uk

Feeling a bit of Monday inspiration. This time of year is filled with winter's chunky knits and big coats but photos from the other side of the globe are making me dream of summer. Another photo that I added in (from my instagram account @caitlinjjohns) was the finished product of my hair after visiting Adelaide's newest hair salon The Strand Hair Lounge in Hyde Park. For the launch we were treated to bubbles and a blow-out - it was the perfect way to end a busy work week and start a fabulous weekend. I highly recommend it - 146-148 King William Road, Hyde Park, SA.

- Caity x

Friday, 4 July 2014


images via mslarabingle instagram account, camille over the rainbow, fashion gone rogue, death by education, maiden sydney, garence dore, net a porter, oracle fox & streetstyle 

Its been a while. For so long (almost 2 years) I have been focusing on work and promoting the Rundle Street East brand in Adelaide, and although I'll be sad handing over the reigns, I'm so excited for the new adventure I have before me.

A new beginning gives me the chance to reassess my goals and get back to those things that are important to me and make me happy. It also give me a great opportunity to refresh those things in my life that have become a bit stale (my wardrobe being one..) and grow as a person. 

So today I'm getting back to what I love doing - and sharing some beautiful images that have been inspiring me lately. 

- Caity x

Friday, 20 June 2014


In Adelaide we don't get a huge amount of designer pop-up shops or sample sales, so you can imagine how exciting it is to hear that Dion Lee is coming to town. Dion Lee will be popping up at the Myer Centre Adelaide from Wednesday 25th June until Sunday 29th June. Past season mainline, Dion Lee [II], archive and exclusive samples on offer – up to 85% OFF!

This is going to be very dangerous for my bank account.. but will be completely worth it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Another year passes as I remain at my desk, glued to my instagram and twitter feeds and religiously checking websites for MBFWA updates. Following about million people on instagram means I get to see candid snaps from the front row and short videos of runway show, these are the things I love about fashion weeks.

The only bad thing, besides not being able to be there in the flesh, is that after digging through all these images, all I want to do is spend all my hard earned money on these beautiful Aussie designers. But alas, I'm going to have to pull myself together and wait another 15 days until I get to Melbourne before I empty my bank account.

 images via Vogue Australia & Elle Australia 

The two collections that have made me fall in lust this year are Dion Lee II SS14-15 (images 1 & 2) and Michael Lo Sordo SS14-15 (images 3 & 4). One perfectly tailored and structed with with eccentric detailing and the other unstructured with beautifully layered, flowy pieces.

To me, these two collections show the power and confidence that resides inside all women.

- Caity x