As the cooler weather rolls around its time to get down to the nitty gritty of choosing a winter coat. My big dilemma is grey vs camel, Harper & Harley and Gritty Pretty vs Camille Over The Rainbow and Polienne.

Every day I find myself swapping between wanting a grey coat and a camel coat, I just can't decide.

What do you like better? Let me know your thoughts!

- Caity x


You may have noticed a few changes around the Caity Says blog.. so to celebrate the new look my friends at Madman Entertainment and I are excited to be giving away 5 in-season double passes to see the gorgeous Dior and I film as well as 3 DVD copies of the fabulous documentary Advanced Style!


For anyone who, like me, loved the world of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie created by May Gibbs, Romance Was Born's AW15 collection Bush Magic will take you on a wild trip.


This, right here, is why I love Karl Largefeld. Not because everyone does or because as a blogger that I  feel like I have to because, hello its Chanel, but because he inspires. I'm being very mindful about how I write this and trying my absolute hardest not to sound like a complete "fashun" wanker, but isn't this what the world of fashion is all about? Being creative and inspiring one another? And that, my dear friends, is why I love Mr Largerfeld, he literally transports you into an alternate reality. 


Just a little bit obsessed with this Australian themed shoot featuring Nicole Warne for Nylon Singapore.


Its been getting a little colder in Adelaide recently.. but in the immortal words of Outkast, what's better than being cold? Ice cold! I'm getting a little jealous of seeing all of these cozy layers at the European fashion weeks, is it time to go shopping for Autumn/Winter yet?


Valentine's Day.. because sometimes you just have to buy yourself some beautiful roses and put on your Goot.