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Christmas Wish List

This year although my sister and I have decided to have our extended family donate to the Christmas Bowl instead of the "lets get something under $20 within a certain theme" we have been doing for years, I figured, seeing as though Christmas is the time for making lists (Remeber.. Santa is always making his list and checking it twice!) I figured it was time to make a list of the things I'm lusting after..

The amazing gold sequin clutch from Zara

Tortoise shell sunglasses - still deciding between the Karen Walkers or Ray Bans HELP!

Chloe Rose Edition perfume

New white converses (my poor old stonewashed colour ones have had their day)

The beautifully decadent Diptyque candles

images via tumblr

And naturally to have some amazing time with friends when I'm released for university hell (kind of lame I know but I had to say it - and I also love this image)

Be sure to tell Santa what you want for Christmas before its too late!

- Caity x


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