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The GivingShoe

Gideon Shoes introduces a new addition to their family of ethically made soled - 'GivingShoe', a canvas capsule collection, which are made using organic cotton and natural rubbers. As well as being vegan and biodegradable GivingShoes are true to the Gideon brand by being 100% fair trade.

The range is unisex and as an extensive colour palette including white, black, orange, blue and red, all with black elastic banding across the top of the shoe.
Gideon canvas shoes retail at $69.95 with 100% of its profits going to fund The Noffs Foundations Street University for marginalised Aussie kids.

These awesome little shoes are coming at the right time - perfect little shoe for a festival perhaps? or even just a light walking shoe, perfect for summer - I'm think I'll snap up a pair of these bad boys for my trip to falls festival at the end of the year - what do you think?

I always thought I preferred a white canvas shoe, but as soon as I saw these in all of their amazing colours, I can't even choose!

I mean common - how cool are they!?
- Caity x

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