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The Sassy Girls

Ever since I was in middle school and it was the biggest trend to wear that little piece of red and white striped fabric around your wrist, I've loved Sass & Bide. This is the brand that has been and always will be synonymous with, for lack of a better word, coolness. From my teen years where the Sass & Bide jeans ruled casual day, to today's love affair with the haute hippy, colour blocking trends, Sass & Bide always gets it right. Not only is the brand itself held in such high regards in the fashion world but so are the ladies behind the brand. You could not find anyone cooler than Heidi Middleton, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Pip Edwards (Accessories Designer and Senior Creative), and if you don't believe me, just have a look at these amazing ladies during the Melbourne Cup Carnival!

images via Pip Edwards' twitter and Harper's Bazaar Australia

And not only do these girls rock out their own clothes and amazing style, their clothes can make anyone have the winning outfit, Rebecca Judd - case in point.

image via Harper's Bazaar Australia

Oh how I wish I was a Sass & Bide girl!

- Caity x

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