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Lack of Colour

I don't know about the rest of Australia, but in Adelaide, the weather has been getting us a little down and we've been seeing a bucket load of dark colours on the streets. Listen up people, just because its cold, doesn't mean we have to wear dark colours all the time!

I fall into this same trap. I don't know why but when winter rolls around I'm suddenly wearing all black. But this winter I'm making a conscious effort to be more colourful, whether it be colourful accents or out-there bright outfits!

1. & 2. Amazing looks from Sheike
3. Gorman Patent Heel in Citrus
4. & 5. Sass & Bide 'Rumour Has It" Jeans in Citrus and Magenta
6. Sportscraft Cable Crew Neck Sweater
7.  Body Royal Belle Noel Asymmetrical Diamond Ring
8. Jellystone Designs Pebble Bead Necklace (Tiffany Blue)

Shop all of these beauties by clicking on the name and it will send you right there!

Happy Shopping lovelies!

- Caity x

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