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Winter Wishlist

Okay I'll admit it.. I have a huge addiction to the Gorman Winter collection, I mean really who wouldn't? See I've already published one post with my favourite looks from the lookbook (http://caityj-says.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/gorman-winter.html).. told you I was addicted!

1. Gorman Aran Jumper in Chestnut
2. Viparo Black Pleated A-Line Skirt

Alright so I know the skirt isn't Gorman, but it's about $100 cheaper and comes in black (the Gorman version only comes in dark green, as pictured).

And the first thing I'll be buying before these two items.. THE BEANIE! It's not available to buy over the internet but I saw it in the store today and will shortly be making that bad boy mine!

Side Note..

What do you all think about socks and heels? I'm contemplating buying some of those awesome colourful Gorman socks to pair with my heels.. thoughts?

- Caity x

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