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Last Days of Sun

2 Chillies off the sholder dress, Diva flower necklace & Karen Walker Perfect Day Sunglasses

Admittedly these little iPhone snaps were from a few months ago when I was bored at a bus stop. But I thought they were fitting - as we say goodbye to these last few sunny days before the frosty winter descends. 

Just before it got cold I invested in a black beach dress from 2 Chillies - and wore it practically every day until it got too cold - it's the perfect dress to just throw on with a bright necklace of scarf and you're ready to go!!


I'll be honest with you all - one of the big reasons I bought this dress was because of this piece of Olsen style inspiration. 

Seriously - this is the perfect summer dress - and lets all be honest - aren't we all just hanging out for summer to come back!?

- Caity x

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