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Work It

Pink LouLou Delicate Hear Necklace (silver here), T by Alexander Wang Classic Muscle Tee, T by Alexander Wang Twist Skirt, Givenchy Tinhan Tote, Tony Bianco Laurel Heels

Working full time you tend to develop a uniform.. mine is usually a black skirt (waiting for my T by Alexander Wang skirt to come) a top, blazer and a pair of heels! I've never been one to want to wear a pant suit everyday, and I'm lucky that my field allows me a certain amount of creativity. Starting work full time has started to alter my every day style.. I rarely buy a piece that I can't also wear to work, so my style has started to transition to something a little more polished.

I've also thrown in a little heart trinket just in time for Valentine's Day.. I know a lot of people out there find it  corny.. but I can't help but feel happy when I think about how much love is around on that day!

- Caity x

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