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Finally we as South Australians can say that we officially have our very own Ted Baker store! Aside from having absolutely stunning clothes, the decor of a Ted Baker store is breath taking. Each Ted Baker store has a specific theme, for example the London Underground, and for South Australia, wine seemed like a good fit.. and boy did they make an amazing choice!

What I wore: 3.1 Philip Lim Draped Pocket Trouser, Acne Patti Tape Shirt & Mezi Necklace

All of the decor in Adelaide's Ted Baker store at Rundle Place is inspired by wine, from the specially made artwork for the fitting rooms, to wooden panels inspired by wine barrels and light fitting made from crystal wine glasses.. they have even paired up with Penfolds so that you can go in for a wine tasting as well!!

With a setting as spectacular as this, paired with such beautiful clothing, you'll never want to leave!

- Caity x

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