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Last Friday I went along to the Josh Goot Lunch hosted by Muse Boutique and The Style Set down at Chris Jarmer's amazing new restaurant Scool Eatry & Bar down at Glenelg!

We were greeted with a glass of Moet Ice Imperial - which I have never tried before but is meant to be served with ice! Ours also came with some fresh fruit as well - I can easily see this becoming my new Summer drink of choice. Scool is such a beautiful eatery with a spectacular view of the Glenelg foreshore and food to die for. The seafood was cooked to to absolute perfection and I have to say that the meal sizes were very impressive (nothing worse than small serves!). However my favourite dish from the day had to be the Belgian Chocolate Mousse with orange and popping candy.. yep popping candy!!

We are so lucky to have a store like Muse Boutique here in Adelaide that stocks the big designer brands, usually we would just miss out completely and have to take shopping trips to Melbourne or Sydney for those designer pieces - and now thanks to Muse we have them right in our own backyard! We were told that the girls at Muse had been stocking Josh Goot collections for 8 years!!.. being only 21 (soon to be 22) I obviously wasn't in the market for Josh Goot at the tender age of 14, but now Goot is always on my wish list!

I felt to lucky to be given a sneak preview of Josh Goot's Spring Summer collection and also to hear him talk about his inspirations behind the brand and pieces that he makes. An interesting point to hear was that Josh's interest in fashion came from communications, not from fashion design itself - 

"For me, fashion is about communication, its about telling a story, and yes part of that story is told through the garment design itself, but to me, its a bit more than that, its how we see ourselves today, more as a point of view or as a culture and how we want to see ourselves tomorrow. And i love telling that story, and whats great about fashion is that there are so many different ways that you can tell it, you can tell it through the collection itself, you can tell it through the way the collection is actually put together, you can tell it through the way you like the photo-shoot.. fashion accommodates you through so many different mediums that its an expressive point of view."

The collection itself was spectacular, I loved so many of he pieces and could definitely see them becoming a part of my wardrobe, as well as the amazing YSL heels that they were paired with and incredible Celine bags.. need less to say Muse Boutique will quickly send me broke.

I also loved hearing about the inspirations behind this collection and hearing all about who the Josh Goot girl is; 

"..the print design was inspired by the jungle, so you can see our take on animal print, and what we tried to do with the animal print is make it our own, we wanted them to look hyper-real or kind of futuristic ... and as far as the actual collection design goes, what we are really trying to do is trying to imagine the modern urban woman, and trying to think about who is she, how does she wants to look and feel and what is she doing day by day. And we try to, in the collection, imagine who she is and how she lives, and give her something that's great to incorporate into her life. But we also want to, at the same time, make her aspire to it and challenge her a little bit, so that its maybe something a little different from what she would ordinarily do or a little bit more out there or a bigger statement or something that she has to feel a little bit more confident to carry off, well we don't mind that, we want her to be really confident and to believe in herself and have pride in her presentation and all those things."

It was such an incredible afternoon and an amazing experience getting a glimpse into the Josh Goot designs - I especially loved hearing about who the Josh Goot girl would be.. it is everything that i aspire to be in my own life.

- Caity x

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