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Another year passes as I remain at my desk, glued to my instagram and twitter feeds and religiously checking websites for MBFWA updates. Following about million people on instagram means I get to see candid snaps from the front row and short videos of runway show, these are the things I love about fashion weeks.

The only bad thing, besides not being able to be there in the flesh, is that after digging through all these images, all I want to do is spend all my hard earned money on these beautiful Aussie designers. But alas, I'm going to have to pull myself together and wait another 15 days until I get to Melbourne before I empty my bank account.

 images via Vogue Australia & Elle Australia 

The two collections that have made me fall in lust this year are Dion Lee II SS14-15 (images 1 & 2) and Michael Lo Sordo SS14-15 (images 3 & 4). One perfectly tailored and structed with with eccentric detailing and the other unstructured with beautifully layered, flowy pieces.

To me, these two collections show the power and confidence that resides inside all women.

- Caity x

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