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images via mslarabingle instagram account, camille over the rainbow, fashion gone rogue, death by education, maiden sydney, garence dore, net a porter, oracle fox & streetstyle 

Its been a while. For so long (almost 2 years) I have been focusing on work and promoting the Rundle Street East brand in Adelaide, and although I'll be sad handing over the reigns, I'm so excited for the new adventure I have before me.

A new beginning gives me the chance to reassess my goals and get back to those things that are important to me and make me happy. It also give me a great opportunity to refresh those things in my life that have become a bit stale (my wardrobe being one..) and grow as a person. 

So today I'm getting back to what I love doing - and sharing some beautiful images that have been inspiring me lately. 

- Caity x

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