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Photographer: Michael Naumoff
Models: Elle Brittain / Courtney Mitchell
Stylist: Hayley Bonham
H&M: Charlie Kielty

Introducing Sarah & Sebastian's new collection Blume. I'm obsessed. This gorgeous collection is inspired by a blossom, its fragrance and adornment, the Blume collection explores the character of the Jasmine Flower. Cultivated as cut flowers, the Jasmine is beautifully strung into ornamental chains. Intricate woven arrangements combine blossoms of all sizes and elaborate garlands have a weighty appearance, like knotted rope. Blume encapsulates the simple elegance of the blossom.

The Jasmine Flower is associated with love, modesty & elegance.

I'm a big fan of thin, understated jewellery, especially with Sarah and Sebastian jewellery where you can see the exceptional and gorgeous detail put into every piece.


- Caity x

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