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The SA Designer Showcase is a big part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival, combining emerging designers with established designers within the South Australian Fashion Industry. This year's event was held at the Old Adelaide Gaol, which really was a fantastic venue, even though it freaked a few people out when they were inside, because we all agree that the place haunted right? Good.

The first half of the show was dedicated to SA's emerging designers. I think this initiative is great, and I love the opportunity given to these emerging designers to showcase their hard work to media and industry professionals. However, personally, this year I have to say I wasn't all together excited by the majority of the designs. My favourite, and the subsequent winner of the annual SA Emerging Designers award, was Simmone Standing The Label, shown below with her inspired yet clean collection. The piece of the night  for me from Simmone Standing was the strapless white dress below- although my body type would never allow me to wear such a dress, I thought it was beautiful.

Simmone Standing The Label

The second half of the show, showcased SA's established designers who just get better and better. We have a fantastic range of different styles when it comes to our established designers, from super casual, funky, bright clothes to elegant couture and bridal pieces which consistently blow my mind. So lets get to the favourites shall we? 

Casper & Pearl - this collection was bright and fun with a bit of a Mexican holiday vibe. Coming from two young girls, I really like the way their bringing their youthfulness and fun-loving energy to their designs.

NAMOI - what you want to wear on the weekend where you can feel comfortable with free-flowing designs and floating fabric. I'm a big fan of Kalila's and she is just going from strength to strength with her brand.

Chelsea Eve - developing on this season's clean lines and minimalist look but adding in her own touches. I'm going out searching for those wide legs pants - anything than can make these tiny legs look longer is alright in my books.

Georgia Guy - Playing with some very on-trend shapes but throwing in some sweet candy colours!

Necia - Another designer who is playing around with this season's hottest trend, but I love the little extra detail that Alexandra has added to make it a bit unique, and pairing it with this bold shirt  was a gorgeous idea, helping both of the pieces to shine in their own right.

COUTURE + LOVE + MADNESS - This was the piece that commenced the couture portion of the evening, with beautiful, intricate designs and the most luxurious and exotic fabrics I have ever seen from Couture + Love + Madness - stunning.

Greta Kate - Greta's beautiful designs transported me into an era where women could swan around at ball or lavish parties in these gorgeous dresses - I can picture this model at a big blow out at Gatsby's place.

Jaimie Sortino - Adelaide's couture darling. I don't have much that I can say about Jaimie's dresses, I really think they just speak for themselves.

I have only chosen post up 1 or two looks from each designer - keeping it to my favourite look(s). To have a look through the entire collection, and at some of the designers that I haven't featured, head to www.adelaidefashionfestival.com.au. On a beauty note, the tucked-under, messy pony is a fantastic, care free summer look - that (in my opinion) worked well with casual outfits as well as the more high end, couture creations - definitely something I will be attempting.

The South Australian fashion scene is full of promise, and continues to grow. I'm excited to see what happens next.

- Caity x

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