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image via Sophie Thompson

Spring has officially sprung. I know, I know its the second month of Spring, but for me spring springs into action when the weather warms up and the flowers start blooming.. as does my hayfever.

I've promised myself this for a long time - but now is the moment I'm going to get off my ass and get my body into shape. I have 2 months now until I leave for my South America trip and I refuse to be the pastey, chubby girl on the beach with a top over my bathers. I want to feel good enough about myself that I can strut around in my bikini top and not give a stuff.

Flicking the switch on my attitude to health means its the perfect time to get a hold of Pressed Juices new Spring Juice Range. I have tried the juices are they're all delicious.. even though they may not sound it by reading the ingredients list.

The first I tried was by far the scariest sounding.. The Black Lemonade. The Black Lemonade is an excellent morning detoxifier, as activated charcoal is highly absorbent and removes toxins from the body. The lemon is alkalising, and together with cayenne pepper gives your metabolism a boost!
I decided to give The Black Lemonade a go after the long weekend.. my body was definitely in need of  some toxin removal.

shown here with my almond mylk chia overnight oats with yoghurt, banana and blueberries.

Next came the new Refresh 1 juice. The new Refresh 1 has only 2 ingredients, cucumber and lime making it a fantastic high electrolyte drink to keep you hydrated pre and post workout - or if you're just having a busy day at the office like I did today. Refresh 1 is also high in H2O and silica, which is great at keeping you refreshed and your skin glowing!

I opted to have mine at lunch with my daily dose of greens.

I have a few more items from the new Spring Juice Range to samples.. so stay tuned. Next up? Greens 6 and The Slippery Elm.

- Caity x

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