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In only ten short days I'm escaping the daily grind and heading across the world to South America for four weeks with my sister. We'll be heading to Brazil, Peru and Argentina. I've always found packing for a holiday exciting but find it hard to strike the balance between packing too much and feeling annoyed that you didn't pack enough. I'm attempting to cull my packing down to staple items, on my list so far I have denim cut offs, basic tees, sandals, bikini, converse, sundress and a "fancy" dress.. now I get stuck. I need to pick my pieces carefully otherwise I'll end up doing what I always do which is wearing the same thing every day and neglecting the other half of my suitcase.

What are your tips for vacation packing? And if you've ever been to South America, what should we be putting on our to-do list?

- Caity x

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