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Fall '15 Menswear in Paris. Women embracing masculine tailoring, men experimenting with typically feminine shapes. There's just something about street style from menswear shows that is so intriguing... 

We argue that men's fashion is easier than women's. I'll admit there are those time when I stand in front of my wardrobe in the morning, wondering what the hell I'm going to wear for work and think to myself, "Damn, I wish I was a man right now, I could just put on my suit and tie and go." But its when I look at street style from menswear shows that it shows a whole different side to men's style and I love to see men adding their own special touches to the classic suit game. Winter also brings with it layering, and who doesn't love layers!?

I find that Women also tend to dress a little differently when attending menswear shows - experimenting more with classic tailoring and different silhouettes. Showing off style rather than fashion. I've gotta say I prefer this to the show pony extremism that we tend to see more and more of at women's shows, but hey, that's just me.

images by tommy ton via style.com

- Caity x

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