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This, right here, is why I love Karl Largefeld. Not because everyone does or because as a blogger that I  feel like I have to because, hello its Chanel, but because he inspires. I'm being very mindful about how I write this and trying my absolute hardest not to sound like a complete "fashun" wanker, but isn't this what the world of fashion is all about? Being creative and inspiring one another? And that, my dear friends, is why I love Mr Largerfeld, he literally transports you into an alternate reality. 

For Autumn/ Winter 2015 Largerfeld has taken us to the mystical land of Brasserie Gabrielle, which almost feels like you've stepped back in time to the 20s or something where ladies would put on their feathered coats to go out, not throw on their ripped jeans and flatforms and head out for a night of tequila shots. A more romantic era in time that exists only in the minds of Chanel and the impossibly chic. 

This season's reinvention of Coco's classic; pearls, tweed and quilted leather has given me some serious jacket and coat envy, its times like these where I wish we had a real winter in Australia. While I may never be able to justify buying a big, luxurious winter coat for the aussie winter, there's always that delicious leather bomber jacket (in my dreams).

 a mix of images via the coveteur and style.com

- Caity x

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