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Christopher Esber Cruise '15; where beachwear meets workwear with a relaxed take on tailoring and elements of towel, ropes and fringing making an appearance.

For me, the collection's stand out pieces are the white and blue stripe towel-inspired pieces. "I had the idea of a woman on a beach, wrapping herself up in a towel" said Esber, explaining that the Swiss-made boucle fabric took almost 12 months to create. The brief was to mimic the soft plushness of terry toweling without being so literal.

Another noticeable inclusion in the collection is knife pleats, a very popular technique for Spring / Summer and Cruise collections presented at Fashion Week. The difference with Esber's pleated garments is the addition of tailored elemtns to tone down the floatiness of the dresses, giving them a bit of structure and edge.

Images and quotes thanks to Vogue Australia

That mix of beach-inspired casualness and strong tailored pieces is that quintessential Aussie girl style - wanting to feel polished and undone at the same time - and Esber has nailed it.

- Caity x

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