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Being Australian designers, based in New York and an established part of the New York fashion family means that TOME has an interesting aesthetic, a cool blend of the relaxed Aussie and the edgy New Yorker. The thing I've always loved about TOME is they're detailing and oversized silhouettes, I've been coveting the Open Back Shirt for about a year now.

The Cruise '15 collection is all about a reinvented view of classic femininity through pieces usually considered to be more masculine. TOME stormed the runway with their signature monochromatic style with pops of camel, deep reds and blush tones, electric and cornflower blues. These flashes of colour keep in line with that signature mix of relaxed and edgy, crisp and airy at the same time. 

With this collection TOME injected a bit more softness and fragility that previous collections stayed away from slightly. The origami pleats and a dash of lace is thanks to their muse-de-jour, Sylvia Plath. TOME have interpreted a 1950s style influence in a different way, combining  light and subtle influences of romantic femininity with a women's strength through powerful shapes and voluminous silhouettes.

Images via Vogue Australia and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

In another big move for the brand, for the first time these pieces will be available online for customers to buy or at least pre-order straight from the runway.

- Caity x

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