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Over the last year the worlds of fashion and fitness have been merging. Activewear no longer just consists of a pair of black bike shorts with a baggy t-shirt, oh no, it is now so much more than that. I've been told there are two types of fit people, the first don't care what they wear and have natural motivation, and the other get an instant hit of motivation when they feel they fit the part, I'm the latter. We've seen the rise of fashion-inspired workout clothes and We Are Handsome have now joined the party. 

Presented at the White City Tennis Club in Paddington, We Are Handsome's first activewear collection featured a refreshing line-up of 'fit-girls', which included Lindy Klim, Amanda Bisk and Ally Carey, showing off these energetic designs with a series of stretches and very impressive yoga poses in amongst the catwalk.

We Are Handsome stayed true to their roots with the transition into activewear with bright, vivid prints: palm trees, romantic roses and Autumn foliage. For the lovers of We Are Handsome's iconic lion and panther prints, don't sweat, they still make an appearance in this collection to make you feel strong and almighty during your workout!

Images via Vogue Australia

A presentation full of awesome activewear and real-life fit girl babes is all the fitness inspiration I need!

- Caity x

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