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One of the things I love about Australian fashion is the laid back cool girl vibes that come from so many of our local designers, and one brand that's among the highest ranks of cool girl? Watson X Watson. The SS'15 collection has an obvious emphasis on tailoring and the structural elements of menswear such as tuxedo jackets and crisp shirts, with luxe fabrics keeping it feminine.

This collection mirrors the growing layering trend we've been seeing with a lot of designers moving into the in between months. Although its a Spring / Summer collection, the layering of tops over shirts has also be seen with us Aussies in Autumn. I love that this collection is full of clean, wearable, functional (and layerable) pieces, proving that this collection is truly trans-seasonal, meaning that its something you can really allow yourself to invest in.

Images via Vogue Australia and Fashion Journal

I adore the pops of patchwork denim that works its way into the collection, keeping it young and fun, that punctuate the tailored pieces. However, I have to say that my favourite pieces from the collection would have to be the tuxedo vests (in every length), the crisp shirts and the slightly unstructured trenches.

- Caity x

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