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Its rare these days that you sit back and allow yourself some pampering time, and the concept of beauty sleep is (in my life) these days nonexistent. I've always had the best of intentions when it comes to my at-home beauty routine, but most of the time it falls by the wayside with me deciding to just go to bed instead. Enter the Mermaid Meg Sleep MaskMilk by Glamourflage where your instructions are literally: lie back, take a rest and let Meg do all the work for you.. works for me!

A few weeks back Glamourflage sent me the Mermaid Meg Sleep MaskMilk to try out. The MaskMilk contains rich milk protein to moisturize and tighten your skin, vitamins (E and A) and natural extracts such as horse chestnuts and oat to regenerate and improve skin energy while you sleep. All you have to do is apply a thin layer in the evening and leave it on overnight to absorb into your skin and hydrate, then wash it off in the morning.

What I liked about the MaskMilk is that its very lightweight - usually when I put on face masks I absolutely hate the feeling - I also hate the feeling of wet hair on my skin so that might just be a me thing - but this mask felt nice and absorbed quickly (ideal when you're about to go to bed and don't want to get face mask all over your pillow).

The MaskMilk had a really nice, calming effect and I woke up with my skin feeling dewy and fresh. As far as hydrating masks go I think this one was great, not too heavy and absorbs easily. For the price point that it is I think its a fantastic buy - a little bit goes a long way so it will last you a while. This mask will work wonders if you have dry or combination skin, however, if you're like me and your skin is more on the oily side, I wouldn't use it every night, once or twice a week as a treat is best.

Glamourflage Mermaid Meg Sleep MaskMilk can be purchased from their website or at David Jones for $27.95 AUD. 

I'm looking forward to adding more beauty posts to Caity Says so please let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more!

- Caity x

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