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If you're anything like me, when it comes to the weekend you find yourself slipping out of your good weekday habits and indulging a little more than you should. But never fear, I've found the power duo to get you back on track thanks to Pressed Juices.

The Black Lemonade is super detoxifying; made from coconut shells, it is a highly absorbent natural detoxifier that clings onto toxins, chemicals, cholesterol and other dangerous substances to excrete them from the body. In combination with lemon juice and cayenne pepper, it is an excellent ‘morning flush’ that will help cleanse, alkalise and kick-start your metabolism for the day ahead. 

Greens 6 is for those that are looking for a fructose-friendly green juice with a hint of minty sweetness. The pineapple, lime and mint in Greens 6 work synergistically to improve the uptake of the nutrients from the greens, whilst also containing amazing immune-supporting and detoxifying properties of their own. Greens 6 is a great natural choice for those wanting a greens juice that is slightly gentler on the digestive system but still a great boost for your overall health. 

The mix of detoxifying and alkalising with these two juices is sure to get you back on track!

- Caity x

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