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You're wondering around enjoying the sun on a fresh Autumn day, then the cloud cover comes, you get cold so you put your Winter coat on and you feel all better - then the sun comes out again and you're too hot! Does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just me?

Its at times like these when a lightweight jacket / coat is a necessity. In between seasons can be tricky when temperature is fluctuating so you don't want to be stuck in thick pieces like a chunky knit - layering is key. This lightweight anorak from St Frock is the perfect piece to throw on in these situations, with soft draping down the front it almost becomes a feature in itself, practical and stylish!

St Frock Reveille Anorak
Bassike Stripe Long Sleeve Dress
Steve Madden boots
Ellery et Graz Quixote Classic Cateye 
By Charlotte Gold Lotus and Little Buddha necklace

** Special guest appearance by Smooth Vitality from Pressed Juices

photos by Mel from Wilddarts

- Caity x

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