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If you're a frequent reader of Caity Says you'll know that finding myself a new winter coat was something of a challenge, I was stumped as to whether to buy a grey coat or a camel coat (yes I took this very seriously) but finally I decided on this delicious camel 'Tailored Coat' from Country Road.

Being a small girl (coming in at a whopping 5'3") I need to be careful with oversized proportions, otherwise I end up looking like a little kid playing dress ups in adult clothing. But with this coat I threw caution to the wind and snapped it up without a second thought. I think with outerwear you can get away with having clothing a little bigger. However, this lead my partner to tell me that it looked like a "boss coat".. I'll take it as a compliment, albeit in a slightly Mafia way.

Photos by Wilddarts

Country Road Tailored Coat (similar here, here and here)
Insight Jeans from General Pants at Westfield Marion
Leopard flats from Witchery (similar here and here
By Charlotte Gold Lotus and Little Buddha necklace

- Caity x

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