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Nothing says "I just threw this on and now I look amazing" like the effortless, cool allure of the deep V. The ultimate cool girl factor of the deep V has been accentuated by Kym Ellery's designs for recent Ellery collections - and it just plain sucks that this is one of those trends that I love that just does not love me back.

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A trend that is predominately seen in warmer months with the donning of flimsy slip dresses in the height of summer has now been translated into autumn / winter. Gorgeous girls show off their decolletage in plunging knits, casual dresses and the now iconic flare sleeved Ellery designs looking the perfect balance of effortlessly chic and slightly undone.

What makes these girls look sexy, fun, and carefree would make me look like I'm ready for a night out on the Vegas strip, minus the sequins. With short proportions and an ample chest the deep V is not something you'll see me rocking with any success. So for all the flat chested ladies out there who always wanted to be a little bigger, get out there in your deep V pieces, cause girl will you look hot!

- Caity x

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