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Finding balance has always been a struggle for me, I get so easily obsessed with something that it becomes all consuming and instead of continuing to make me happy, it just starts to make me stressed. It may be surprising to learn that for years now that for me has been fashion blogging. Of course my blog takes me through some extreme highs and I love doing it, but sometimes I start to feel creatively stuck and then the stress comes. But don't you worry you pretty little heads, recently I've been figuring it all out and feeling a lot happier and this means I'll be creating bigger and better things, just for you!

When I first started out with Caity Says, it was a place where I could share my inspirations and connect with people who loved what I loved. In time, when I started being invited to local events and being contacted by PR agencies, it felt like the only way I could make my blog bigger was essentially to post what I was given and I would keep getting invited to things. 

It started to feel like people were dictating what I should post about, and I would feel like I was compromising my creative integrity just because I was desperate to still get invited to events. I started to lose my way and really hated what I was doing and felt like I was just like every other Adelaide-based website, posting the same old thing. 

I felt that I had totally forgotten the reason why I started and completely lost my unique voice, so recently I decided that enough is enough and I've refocused myself to creating unique and beautiful content that is unique to me. I hope that you've all seen a change and are still enjoying visiting my website :) 

P.S. I'm wearing the Patty Top in Polka Dot from St Frock!

- Caity X

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