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Farfetch are brining mobile shopping to a whole new level with their new and improved Farfetch Discover App! The app goes far beyond simply allowing you to shop on the go (which they have made quicker and easier by the way!), the Farfetch Discover app takes you on a fashion journey throughout the world, allowing you to discover all the different physical stores that make up this incredible digital store. You can travel and shop all corners of the globe, experiencing all the different personal styles from Fashion capitals and see what makes them unique. It truly gives a sense of luxury in a digital sphere. Not only does the app deliver fashion straight to your fingertips, but Farfetch have included highly curated weekly edit highlights featuring the best new products and trends as well as adding 'New in Today' and 'New in This Week' features.. I'm in love!

The first thing you notice when you open the app is the stunning imagery and easy to use navigation. The images are fantastic quality and large enough that you can see every detail of a garment, and they also show you every angle, including what it looks like on a mannequin.. all bases covered! As I started browsing through all of the beautiful fashion, I saw myself rapidly adding items to my wishlist and it became hard for me not to add every item I saw, there is simply too much to choose from. 

With all of the gorgeous outfits coming from across the globe, it started to make me wish for a White Christmas, but I do absolutely love the hot Aussie festive season, so I've put together a style set to get your through the season in style..

For me, there's nothing better than a maxi dress for Christmas day, it gives you the right mix of elegance and relaxation, and it gives you space for that post-Christmas lunch belly (you all know what I'm talking about!). Accessorised with a dainty necklace, a killer pair of heels and a gorgeous leather tote, you're going to be looking gorgeous while stuffing your face with Christmas Pudding.. and who else can say that!?

For New Year's Eve I've gone for a jaw-dropping pair of pleated gold pants with a classic v-necked black tank, strappy heels and a fun novelty clutch - this outfit has no shortage of wow factor and is sure to make you feel like the life of the party and ring in the New Year in style!

Ah the Summer holidays.. for Aussies its all about easy-to-wear, relaxing and comfortable clothes, so we better make sure they're stylish too! A flowy pair of shorts paired with a camisole worn over the cutest bikini set and accessorised with designer sunnies and a cute pair of slides, you're ready to tackle any adventure the day throws your way.

To get your holiday wardrobe ready and give you the best Christmas present ever.. Farfetch are giving you the change to win a £400 voucher!! CLICK HERE to enter the competition.. Good luck!!

Wishing you all a very happy and stylish Festive Season!

- Caity x

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