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Okay, so when you type Microdermabrasion into Google the images that come up are much more graceful than mine, but I promise I tried to look as good as possible for you guys during my treatment.. which was not easy. I want to talk to you all about skin. I'm finding that at the moment there is a huge focus on skin from so many angles; from treatments to products to what we're putting into our bodies, and I really wanted to explore the ways in which we can best keep our skin looking beautiful.

I honestly think that there is no bigger blow to your ego than having bad skin, and there's nothing worse than trying to have a carefree, fun summer worrying about your skin. It just brings you down, and you assume that everyone notices it even when they probably don't. So for my first Spotlight on Skin I've teamed up with the talented people at Laser Clinics Australia to bring you the magic that is Microdermabrasion. 

The photo above was taken mid way through my first treatment, hence the reason for some of the redness, the other reason is that I suffer from a bit of acne scarring which I do my best to hide at all times, either with make up or in some desperate cases Photoshop. Another thing that I've been struggling with recently is congestion, maybe its the weather or maybe its the festive season thats been getting the better of me and my skin but I'll be honest, my skin was feeling particularly gross.

Before I get into the nitty gritties of my treatment let's talk about what Microdermabrasion actually is. Microdermabrasion treatments are used to speed up the skin's natural exfoliation process and improve the texture and quality of your skin while also promoting lymphatic draining. The lovely Chelsea from the Rundle Mall clinic talked me through the whole process; a small microdermabrasion hand piece is passed over the face to loosen and remove the upper layer of dead skin cells while a small vacuum sucks it all up, allowing your healthy skin to shine through leaving your skin brighter, smoother and softer to touch. 

Okay so maybe this is a little gross to be showing you and totally not fashun but hell, its pretty impressive and shows you just how well this actually works. The photo below shows two filters that belong in the machine.. the left is a new, clean filter, the other is the filter that was removed from the machine after my treatment.. awesome and gross at the same time right!

Laser Clinics Australia has grown to be the largest provider of laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables and skin treatments across the country; and since opening their first clinic in 2008  has established a dominant position in the cosmetic clinic market. The team at Rundle Mall were absolute pros and made be feel so comfortable.

I will be having 2 more sessions over the next couple of weeks and cannot wait to show how my skin is progressing, I honestly can't tell you how smooth and amazing my skin is feeling right now!

- Caity x

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