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After 3 fantastic Microdermabrasion treatments at Laser Clinics Australia my skin feels so much smoother, more supple and looks glowing and ready to go out make-up free! For my second post focusing on Microdermabrasion, I've asked the talented people at LCA to go into the nitty gritties on how exactly it all works, what it does to the skin and how best to look after your skin, post-treatment.

How it works: The Laser Clinics Australia medical grade Microdermabrasion machine is a mild abrasion of the top surface of the skin using a specialist diamond head removing dead skin cells that sit on the surface and creates a barrier on the skin, the vacuum suction that is attached will help lift these skin cells and impurities such as blackheads, whiteheads and congestion.

How it affects the skin: It increases blood flow underneath the skin to allow the skin to produce collagen & elastin, not only is this treatment great for anti ageing it will also speed up cell turnover to help with texture and clarity of the skin (pigment). By doing this new skin cells will come to the surface creating an extreme radiance and smoother softer appearance.

Bonus: By removing dead skin cells frequently with Microdermabrasion treatments it will allow products to penetrate further into the skin- this allows the Skinstitut products (LCA's preferred brand) to focus on keeping the skin cells healthy which will keep the skin looking refreshed and radiant for longer.

A course of Microdermabrasion treatments is recommended for all skin concerns including; 
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Congestion
  • Scarring
  • Anti ageing
  • Rejuvenation

How long is a course of treatments: A minimum of  6 treatments is best with your recommend Skinstitut home-care for optimal results. The treatments are able to be done every 3-4 weeks to help you achieve the results you want.

The Skinstitut Home Care products recommend to me by the LCA team for best results are:
  • Gentle Cleanser: for all skin types, especially delicate and sensitive skin
  • Multi active mist: for dehydrated, sensitive and ageing skin
  • Rejuvenate 15: for dehydrated, sun damaged and ageing skin
  • Eye Believe: For all skin types, especially puffiness
  • Moisture Defence: for a combination skin condition

Thinking of giving Laser Clinics Australia's Microdermabrasion a go? Here are 3 amazing specials on offer at the moment as part of the current Free To Be Me Campaign (and they're all $150.. bargain!)

Makeup Free Me (my personal favourite!) - 3 Express Micro + Skinstitut Age Defense SPF 50+

Blemish Blast - 3 x Peel Accelerators + Skinstitut Even Blend Serum

Pre-Party Peel - 3 x AHA Enzymatic plus Skinstitut + Multi-Active Mist

If you have any questions about the treatments I received please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer them!

- Caity x

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