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Nothing says summer beauty like a fresh, illuminated skin, and no one has emulated this beautiful glow more than Lara Worthington (but lets face it she's always going to be Bingle to some of us). Bingle knows the allure of summer skin and has bestowed upon to us the gift that is The Base. I have been using the LB Cream ever since it was released, but now I've bitten the bullet and bought the whole face range; and with this realised that you can create a beautiful, natural looking non-make up, make up look with only a few products that is perfect for summer. 

The base that I started with was the LB Cream, a lightweight BB cream with SPF 15, a little bit of brow pencil and mascara, then it was time to get my face looking bronzed, sculpted and illuminated. 

Step 1 - Contour with Skin Illuminator: Matte Bronze

Apply the Matte Bronze Illuminator to any part of your face you want to push back, from just in front of your ear down past the apples of your cheeks, to define your cheekbones, under your chin, along the jawline, then gently around the hairline and down each side of your nose. Go lightly around your hairline, nose and also the jawline. Also bring the bronzer down your neck and chest to add definition and colour along your collarbone and shoulders. I love to also pop the Matte Bronze Illuminator over the eyelids just to give your eyes a bit of depth.

A big tip when using this products is to blend your little heart out, and when you think that you've blended enough.. blend a little more.

Step 2 - Highlight with Skin Illuminator: Shimmer

Apply Skin Illuminator Shimmer to any part of your face you want to highlight and bring forward. Tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, across the cupids bow of the lips and inner corners of the eye. I also like to pop some above my brows and on my brow bone for some added dimension to the eyes.

This will give you that fresh dewy glow, but be careful not to put too much on or to put it all over your face, otherwise you will end up looking oily instead of glowing.

Step 3 - Finish with Lip to Cheek Tint #40 Peach

Oh yes I love a multi-tasking product, there was a time that I didn't wear any blush but there's just something so youthful about a flushed cheek that I love for summer. This tint / stain is highly pigmented to give you that natural make up free look that will last all day and brighten up your face. The colour is so natural looking and just gives you a little pop of colour. Simply apply the tint to the apples of your cheeks with a dabbing motion, moving up towards your temples to make sure that it is blended. And of course dabb onto your lips for a perfect pout. 

Tips & Tricks

With this look we had decided to use our fingertips instead of using brushes in order to created a more blended look with better control as we found that we needed to work fast because the product dries quite quickly.. and no one wants to look patchy and unblended. 

Having said that, after using the Lip to Cheek Tint, we found that because it is highly pigmented, it has a tendency to stain your hand and fingers, so Mel suggests that for this one use a palette and work in with a blending brush / sponge on the cheeks and and lip brush for your pout.

As I mentioned above, I really love using the Illuminating Matter Bronze as an eyeshadow, it gives depth to your eyes and gives off a gorgeous, golden glow. When applying, make sure that you blend into the crease as well as the lid (a great tip from Mel!).

Images by Jodi Nash at Style Media & Co | Make up by Mel Elsdon at Wilddarts

What I really love about these products is they enhance your natural beauty, it doesn't cover any of your face and lets your natural self shine through, and for me thats my freckles! I want to make sure that you know that this isn't a sponsored post, I just want to bring you products that I'm loving that I think that you will all love too.

- Caity x

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