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I'm not one of those girls who generally wears a lot of bling, even when I was younger I remember my older sister telling me I needed to wear more jewellery, but even today I mostly stick to my classic gold pieces. Enter the statement earring! Statement earrings are really having a moment, and I couldn't be happier. I'm still sticking with my thin gold rings, gold lotus and little buddha necklace from By Charlotte and my old faithful Sarah and Sebastian line earrings for everyday, but for a special occasion (or just to make yourself feel like a rockstar) its time to rock some serious ear bling.

And because I love you all so much, I am giving away a pair of Ryan Storer Ear Bar Floating Pearl earrings to one lucky reader!! Make sure to read to the end to enter!

Ryan Storer Ear Bar Floating Pearl earrings, By Charlotte Fly Me To The Moon Earring & Mimco drop earrings

There you go, if you're into classic dressing (and a lot of black) and think your outfit is lacking a little bit of oomph, the statement earring is your best friend this season. 

To help your collection along I'm giving you the chance to win the gorgeous Ryan Storer Ear Bar Floating Pearl earrings simply by subscribing to the Caity Says newsletter! If you're already a subscriber, don't worry, because you're awesome you're automatically in the draw ;)

- Caity x

Enter to win!

Competition closes Sunday 6th March

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